Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How To Find A Girlfriend - Get The Girlfriend Of Your Dreams using These Killer Dating Tips

by Jay Sullivan

So, you want to go and find yourself a girlfriend right? Well, the first step you need to take is learning how to maximize every chance you get when it comes to approaching, attracting and seducing women so they end up liking you that much, that they would want to be your girlfriend.
The first step would be to work out in your mind what type of woman you would want to be your girlfriend. Things like age, hair colour, body type, education level and what sort of personality you think they should have. That way when it comes to finding yourself a girlfriend, you'll have narrowed your choices down and be more focused on the desired outcome. This is an excellent tip if you really want to know how to find a girlfriend.

Secondly when you have figured out those things, you would then try and hang out at the places where you would expect your future girlfriend to be. For instance, if you was looking for an athletic type of girlfriend, then the local gym would be a good place to start. An educated woman would probably be hanging around the library, reading books. If you wanted a religious girlfriend, then your local church is a good place to start.

Also, use every single encounter with women to improve your chances, the local bars and nightclubs aren't the only place you'll find a potential girlfriend. You could meet the perfect girl at the supermarket when buying some groceries, or even in a coffee shop one afternoon. Day time pickups are more successful than night time pickups because they feel more natural for women, and of course there is less competition from men too.

Ask yourself one question today. Would you date yourself? Seriously, answer that question today and if it's a no, then why wouldn't you date yourself? What things do YOU think need improving in your life before you learn how to find a girlfriend? Things like appearance, your personality, maybe you don't like your hairstyle? All of these things can be changed easily. Work on your image and confidence or personality if you don't think they are up to par, and learn what women actually want from men.

Looks, fame and money are not the things that women find attractive in men. yes they do help, but if you knew the secrets of what women REALLY WANTED in a man, you could then use these to your advantage when wanting to learn how to find a girlfriend.

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